All armors in this game have:


  • How strong your armor is

Plus Version:

  • The better version of your armor! Unlocked when your armor reaches a certain level.


  • Element beats element! This gives your armor a weakness and a strength against others!

Plus Version Edit

Most armors have a $ version. To unlock this version, level up the armor to the required level


Required Level To Unlock $ Version!

Level Cap

Common Lvl.10 30
Uncommon Lvl.15 50
Rare Lvl.15 50
Super Rare Lvl.15 50
Ultra Rare Lvl.35 70

The Big Four Edit

The Big Four Armors are recommended for beginning players.

The Big Four Armors are:

  • Golden Gambler
  • Superfly Soldier
  • Lethal Glamour
  • Badland Duds